Confessions of A Disney Addict
 Disney Lovers Here Words cannot express the love I feel for all things Disney, but I am going to try.
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Someone:We should do something.
Me:*whispers* Disneylaaanddd.

Turning Over A New Leaf…

So I’ve been quite inactive on this page for a while now, and I’ve decided that I’m going to use it to chronicle my lifelong obsession with Disney. I would love to work for Walt Disney Studios as a writer, and I will do everything I can to make sure that happens. I am about a month away from graduating with a degree in Film Studies and Creative Writing, I am writing a 90 page screenplay geared towards Disney’s style of storytelling, I was not accepted to the Disney College Program, and I need an internship or a job that will put me on the path to working for Disney. I will do my best to keep this page up to date, and hopefully it will help me figure my life out. Or at the very least be a fun creative outlet for my passion.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey, and have a magical day!


If you love vintage videos of Walt Disney at work, this one is a must watch. In it, Walt leads a girl through a studio where Mary Blair is working on a small scale model for “It’s A Small World.” Blair not only shows off her brilliant concept artwork but also explains some of the lighting techniques that will be employed by the attraction. “It will be beautiful, like a piece of jewelry” Walt says. Trust us Walt, it is beautiful. 

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Kingdom Hearts Landscape Art


Stupid feels go away


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allthatglistersisnotgold asked: I love your tumblr!! (:


Thank you!!!

"Strangers Like Me" - Phil Collins


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It’s called a 

Every gesture, every move that she makes
Makes me feel like never before
Why do I have, this growing need to be beside her?


Looking for Tarzan pics and came across the first picture.. the rest ensued. I have no life

Because why not

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